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From Adage: “Google Sees Facebook Threat in String of Deals”

googleRead an article today about Google’s recent acquisitions and how they relate to Facebook:  http://adage.com/digital/article?article_id=145563

An interesting quote from this article is an explanation by Debra Williamson (from emarketer) regarding Google’s interest:

“Why are games important to Google and to Facebook? “They’re a huge part of what people do when they’re in social networks and they are very addictive, they keep people coming back”

facebookFacebook is an interesting threat because it manages an enormous source of user data and attention and has become a comprehensive online destination.  Google on the other hand, has become a more complicated entity as they have expanded from search into news, finance, weather, online video, and mail in the last few years.

Given that Facebook  has become a hub that connects peers in an environment that contains links to daily articles, games, and interest, I am curious about Facebooks traffic trends in the future.

(In case you can’t see the article, I have an excerpt of the article below)

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Swan Dive…into a Drop in Sales

Look down…now up.  Old Spice Red Zone sales have reportedly gone down 7%.  Some sites believe this decrease was due to the fact that the advertisement did not target the right audience, gave the product negative connotations, and could not change the perception of Old Spice – a product our “fathers use.”

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