Swan Dive…into a Drop in Sales

Look down…now up.  Old Spice Red Zone sales have reportedly gone down 7%.  Some sites believe this decrease was due to the fact that the advertisement did not target the right audience, gave the product negative connotations, and could not change the perception of Old Spice – a product our “fathers use.”

I don’t entirely agree with those sentiments. Firstly, although sales decreased, the exposure of the Old Spice Man and brand was pretty significant across the US consumer base.

Secondly, there weren’t any negative connotations with this advertisement either.  Instead, the product was presented in a positive and humorous light.

Lastly, this advertisement made the product relevant with a younger demographic (people on Facebook or twitter for example) and took steps to change the perception that Old Spice is something only an older generation uses.

At the end of the day, I would say this advertisement was a success given the number of views on Youtube, Twitter discussions, and shares.  These social interactions may not translate into sales immediately, but the ad campaign helped make the brand relevant with a new generation of consumers.  Additionally, all the views on YouTube were earned impressions — P&G didn’t pay everyone to watch the ad again and again.

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