Facebook ‘dis-likes’ Google?

The latest story regarding Facebook’s consideration of generating bad press on Google and privacy concerns is an interesting twist related to an Adage article in August 2010.  In short, that Adage article articulated Google’s concerns regarding the fact that consumer traffic was shifting dramatically towards social sites (such as Facebook).  To address that situation and maintain their market share of users, Google has focused a lot of their latest developments in the social media space (as an example, see Google +1).

Facebook likely took Google’s focus on the social space as a challenge — which is fair for Facebook to recognize and create an action plan.  However, to hire a PR firm and highlight issues with another company is an ill-conceived plan….  especially a much bigger company with a more experienced management team (to go off on a tangent, why is there not a similar outrage when politicians run attack ads all day?).  This mis-step unfortunately is one of many by Facebook, and one can hope they focus more on innovation and improving their product instead.