5 Things I Miss about New York City

Brooklyn Bridge, Photograph by Daniel Ho

Brooklyn Bridge, Photograph by Daniel Ho

Summertime is near, and I can’t help reflecting on the time I spent living in New York City a couple years ago.  From the random steam billowing into the streets…. to the rooftop parties where the gorgeous skyline lights up — these are the building blocks that are built into the city’s DNA.

Here are a few fond memories that popped in my mind:

1.  NY Post Headlines

It isn’t immediately apparent why one might miss a newspaper’s headline.  You probably just haven’t experienced the NY Post yet.  During my time in New York, the NY Post set the gold standard for eye-catching headlines and was a great conversation starter – anywhere.  This fine piece of journalism knew no boundaries and pulled no punches.  NY Post-er boy Alex Rodriguez, current Yankee and future baseball hall of famer, was decimated into Pay-Rod and Stray-Rod by the Post when his performance and personal relationships soured.  Too far?  Too soon?  Too bad….  Below is a taste of the NY Post’s work:  alex rodriguez ny post covers

“HI HO HI HO … IT’S OFF TO COURT HE GOES: Brooklyn ‘bigot’ arrested for mocking midget family”

“HOLY SHIITE: Newsweek retracts its deadly toilet tale”


2.  Central Park in the summer

Central Park becomes a plush, green haven in the summertime — safe from the nonstop drilling in the streets, the yellowcabs of destruction, and… soccer balls (they don’t let you play soccer here, and I don’t know why).  Every man and woman becomes rich for a moment, as they own the land they lay upon.

My fondest memories consist of hours reading, laying on blankets, and dozing off after a nice hearty lunch.  Random beer peddlers roaming through the park FTW.

Central Park New York

Central Park New York

3.  Cabs

There is a strong love-hate relationship with Cabs in New York City. You can’t live with them, and you definitely can’t live without them.  Compared to the cabbies in SF and LA though, these drivers know how to get you around the city with little trouble.

For about $10 – 20 to get anywhere in Manhattan, it’s a missed convenience when you don’t want to walk or take the subway.

4.  New York Steaks and Pizza… Lugers, Del Frisco’s, Striphouse, BLT, STK, Keen’s, Patsy’s, John’s, Lombardi’s, Grimaldi’s, Angelo’s.

The list goes on and on.  I had more steak and pizza during my 3 years in NYC than the rest of my life.  Healthy?  Probably not.  Winning?  Yes.  Never again in any other city will you be surrounded by the multitude of quality, niche restaurants that focus on serving these two items to perfection.

I can practically picture the steak seared on the outside, rare and juicy on the inside – carefully protected by creamed spinach and truffle mac and cheese.  Or thin crusted pizza, covered with fresh mozzarella, basil leaf — cooked with to the right level of firmness and gooeyness.

Keens Steakhouse

Keens Steakhouse

5.  Chicken and Rice / 53rd and 6th

This place is simply a vendor cart that serves a $6 platter of chicken, lamb, or beef and rice.  Not at all pretentious and hands down one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.  Whenever I visit NYC, I do my best to reach this destination regardless of heat, rain, or snow.  I am highly suspicious that they must put some kind of addictive ingredients into their white sauce. Check out their Wikipedia Page (53rd and 6th).

chicken and rice

chicken and rice

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