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Pavel Datsyuk Voted NHL’s Best Russian Player

Pavel DatsyukCongrats to Pavel Datsyuk for winning the Kharlamov Trophy this year!  Pavel narrowly edged out Ovechkin, another incredible talent in his own right.  What’s amazing about Datsyuk is that he has such a low key personality given his amazing stickhandling and scoring abilities.  And, he’s willing to play two-way hockey – whatever it takes to win!  Although, Datsyuk does not have an imposing figure (a friend describes him as looking more like your programmer next door rather than hockey superstar), his very presences makes the Wings a better and more dangerous team, especially this time of year.

If you want to watch Pavel work his magic, check out his sick shootout/breakaway move a la ‘dangle’:

Ilya Kovalchuk signs pact with Devils: 17 years, $100 million

kovalchuk_1Just read in Scott Burnside’s ESPN column that Ilya Kovalchuk signed a 17 year, $100 million dollar contract with the Devils.  These are staggering figures from either a player’s or the organization’s perspective.  17 years in glamorous Newark, NJ is not insignificant – can he handle living in the state that gave us the Jersey Shore reality TV show and Bon Jovi?  Granted, it must be nice to be closer to NYC instead of Atlanta.  A 9-figure salary certainly eases the pain too….

Also, keep in mind that Kovalchuk was born in 1983 — he is roughly 27-28 today.  In 17 years, he will be 44, which I imagine is way past the standard age of retirement for hockey players.  Will he be able to bring New Jersey a Stanley Cup?

New Jersey GM, Lou Lamoriello, has guided the team to success and Stanley cup championships in 1995, 2000, and 2003.  Surely, he must know what he is doing?

*UPDATE:  The deal is off — the NHL negated the deal because the 17 year contract took advantage of the way the team salary cap structure is set up.  (There was no way he was playing 17 years!)

Ron Artest: Tru Warier

Ron Artest with PuppiesI have a hard time choosing a team to follow in the NBA, partially a result of living in cities that hosted mis-managed teams in the last few years (Warriors, Knicks).  Today’s game is also much more focused on marquee stars running and gunning instead of the team-first focus.

Still, I love watching role players  play hard nosed defense on the court.  One such player who exemplifies hard defense and has “re-caught” the basketball world by storm this year is Ron Artest.

It’s hard not to watch him with some intrigue when you know he will shoot the ball when Kobe or his psychiatrist don’t want him to (especially Kobe).

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