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5 Things I Miss about New York City

Brooklyn Bridge, Photograph by Daniel Ho

Brooklyn Bridge, Photograph by Daniel Ho

Summertime is near, and I can’t help reflecting on the time I spent living in New York City a couple years ago.  From the random steam billowing into the streets…. to the rooftop parties where the gorgeous skyline lights up — these are the building blocks that are built into the city’s DNA.

Here are a few fond memories that popped in my mind:

1.  NY Post Headlines

It isn’t immediately apparent why one might miss a newspaper’s headline.  You probably just haven’t experienced the NY Post yet.  During my time in New York, the NY Post set the gold standard for eye-catching headlines and was a great conversation starter – anywhere.  This fine piece of journalism knew no boundaries and pulled no punches.  NY Post-er boy Alex Rodriguez, current Yankee and future baseball hall of famer, was decimated into Pay-Rod and Stray-Rod by the Post when his performance and personal relationships soured.  Too far?  Too soon?  Too bad….  Below is a taste of the NY Post’s work:  alex rodriguez ny post covers

“HI HO HI HO … IT’S OFF TO COURT HE GOES: Brooklyn ‘bigot’ arrested for mocking midget family”

“HOLY SHIITE: Newsweek retracts its deadly toilet tale”

“HEADLESS BODY IN TOPLESS BAR”    Continue reading