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Digital Advertising: The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Behavioral Targeting & User Data

Just some old food for thought I wanted to put out:  The cost of behavioral data historically averaged between the $1-2 CPM mark (sometimes greater!).  In past reports, I found that using such data resulted in a lift in campaign performance by 10-25%.  For campaigns that utilized this data on advertising placements valued at $1-2 CPM mark, this clearly makes sense.  Your marketing cost is going up by as much as 100% for very little incremental gain.

However, there may be some situations where utilizing data, given the cost makes sense.  Some niche categories like Autos, Retail Oriented locations have CPM’s beyond the $10-30 range.  I recall CPM’s for the mortgage category being as high as $80-100 in some locations!  These may be the situations in which data should be utilized in order to ensure you’re reaching the right audience.  $1 out of $30 is a small enough fraction where reaching the right users becomes more critical given the cost of inventory.

One interesting thing I have seen in recent times from publishers/vendors is that they have begun to recognize these disparities between performance pricing — and they are beginning to provide more transparency in order for agencies and advertisers to justify cost.  Additionally, some data providers are finding ways to attain and share data at rates that make sense.  However, sometimes one may wonder whether the quality of the data is only as good as the amount you pay for…

5 Things I Miss about New York City

Brooklyn Bridge, Photograph by Daniel Ho

Brooklyn Bridge, Photograph by Daniel Ho

Summertime is near, and I can’t help reflecting on the time I spent living in New York City a couple years ago.  From the random steam billowing into the streets…. to the rooftop parties where the gorgeous skyline lights up — these are the building blocks that are built into the city’s DNA.

Here are a few fond memories that popped in my mind:

1.  NY Post Headlines

It isn’t immediately apparent why one might miss a newspaper’s headline.  You probably just haven’t experienced the NY Post yet.  During my time in New York, the NY Post set the gold standard for eye-catching headlines and was a great conversation starter – anywhere.  This fine piece of journalism knew no boundaries and pulled no punches.  NY Post-er boy Alex Rodriguez, current Yankee and future baseball hall of famer, was decimated into Pay-Rod and Stray-Rod by the Post when his performance and personal relationships soured.  Too far?  Too soon?  Too bad….  Below is a taste of the NY Post’s work:  alex rodriguez ny post covers

“HI HO HI HO … IT’S OFF TO COURT HE GOES: Brooklyn ‘bigot’ arrested for mocking midget family”

“HOLY SHIITE: Newsweek retracts its deadly toilet tale”

“HEADLESS BODY IN TOPLESS BAR”    Continue reading

Facebook ‘dis-likes’ Google?

The latest story regarding Facebook’s consideration of generating bad press on Google and privacy concerns is an interesting twist related to an Adage article in August 2010.  In short, that Adage article articulated Google’s concerns regarding the fact that consumer traffic was shifting dramatically towards social sites (such as Facebook).  To address that situation and maintain their market share of users, Google has focused a lot of their latest developments in the social media space (as an example, see Google +1).

Facebook likely took Google’s focus on the social space as a challenge — which is fair for Facebook to recognize and create an action plan.  However, to hire a PR firm and highlight issues with another company is an ill-conceived plan….  especially a much bigger company with a more experienced management team (to go off on a tangent, why is there not a similar outrage when politicians run attack ads all day?).  This mis-step unfortunately is one of many by Facebook, and one can hope they focus more on innovation and improving their product instead.

Pavel Datsyuk Voted NHL’s Best Russian Player

Pavel DatsyukCongrats to Pavel Datsyuk for winning the Kharlamov Trophy this year!  Pavel narrowly edged out Ovechkin, another incredible talent in his own right.  What’s amazing about Datsyuk is that he has such a low key personality given his amazing stickhandling and scoring abilities.  And, he’s willing to play two-way hockey – whatever it takes to win!  Although, Datsyuk does not have an imposing figure (a friend describes him as looking more like your programmer next door rather than hockey superstar), his very presences makes the Wings a better and more dangerous team, especially this time of year.

If you want to watch Pavel work his magic, check out his sick shootout/breakaway move a la ‘dangle’: